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Create Personalized Messages

Send SMS messages with a personal touch. Craft each message with your client name or company name. Make your clients feel that they are important to you.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Send up to 3000 messages per minute to your audience even if they are not connected to the internet.

Promotions & Special Offers

Broadcast time-sensitive and special promotions to your client database via Bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Simply write your message, select your target audience, and schedule accordingly.

Stay Connected With Your Clients

Stay connected with your clients and business partners. Add value to your relationships by sending them birthday greetings, promotions, and special offers.

CloudSpace Bulk SMS API

Use any programmable language to easily integrate various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas

Never miss a connection with your clients and potential business partners. We have several customized templates for you to use. Always stay connected with CloudSpace SMS Marketing Solutions.

Reload SMS Credits

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Reload your SMS credits and start sending out your SMS campaigns.

SMS Top-Up Plans

Top Up More To Get Lower Rate per SMS

Top Up Packages Price Per SMS (SGD) Number Of SMS (To Singapore Number Only)
S$54.00 0.11 475 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$103.68 0.10 1,000 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$149.04 0.10 1,500 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$221.40 0.09 2,500 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$453.60 0.09 5,000 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$885.60 0.09 10,000 + FREE 25 SMS Reload
S$1,263.60 0.08 15,000 + FREE 25 SMS Reload

How Bulk SMS API Integration Benefits Your Business

One-time Passwords via SMS

Reach your recipients by activating a one-time password via SMS.

They can receive your messages even when they are not connected to the Internet. We offer multi-factor authentication solutions to cater to your specifications.

Delivery Tracking For Logistics And Courier Services

Our Bulk SMS API helps your recipients check their order status and receive real-time notifications about product or parcel delivery. This helps them to plan out their day accordingly.


We’ve provided domain name registration service for more than 15 years, we believe that we able to help you manage all of your domain names. Our team will provide 24/7 technical support for the solution and guideline if you facing any issues when transfer your domain to us.
No, as long as the domain has been registered at least 60 days and you have full access to control your domain with current registrar. You may refer to the domain transfer checklist above.
You may enter the domain name that you want to transfer at the top of this page and you’ll be guided through the whole process. Make sure that you have the authorization code, unlocked state and your contact info is the latest one with your current registrar. Check out our helpful guide on transfer the domain here.
Domain name will be locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. In some cases, domain providers will give you full access to transfer the domains but some of the providers are not, they will need you to contact them for verify the domain ownership before transfer the domain.
A domain transfer usually takes around 1-7 days to complete the transfer process. It depends on the domain owner able to unlock the domain with the correct authorization code provided by current registrar.
No, you not able to change it during the transfer process. You can change WHOIS information and update your nameservers easily after the transfer is complete.

Terms and Conditions

    • By using our Bulk SMS service, You agree to abide by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 26 of 2012), Spam Control Act (Cap. 311A), other applicable data protections laws, Guidelines for Using Commercial Electronic Messages issued by Direct Marketing Association of Singapore (if applicable) and Best Practices for Organisations (Unsolicited Communications) issued by Infocomm Media Development Authority. CloudSpace will assist the regulatory authority on investigation regarding the official complaint lodged against Your use of this service, including (but not limited to) providing Your details (for example, name and email address).


    • You are responsible for obtaining the necessary consent from SMS recipients before sending messages to them.


    • You authorise CloudSpace to disclose Your identity to SMS recipient on his or her request.


    • You must avoid the following:
      – sending SMS or broadcasting messages if your intent is to trick recipients into providing unsolicited financial account details or card payment details to a person who (a) has not consented to receiving messages, or (b) is listed on the Do Not Call Registry.– publishing, posting, sending, distributing, disseminating, submitting or uploading content that:(a) abuses, harasses, stalks, threatens or otherwise violates the rights of any third party;(b) is defamatory/ libelous, obscene, offensive, fraudulent, demeaning, immoral, harmful, indecent, sexually orientated, racially/ religiously offensive, profane, rumour, pornographic, misleading or otherwise objectionable or unlawful;(c) contains viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or applications/ programs that may damage the operations of CloudSpace or third party’s computer system or network.


    • CloudSpace will not be aware, and does not review, monitor, or edit any content created by you. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to remove any content if we receive a violation notice on your account. CloudSpace shall not be liable for such removal in response to complaint or notification.


    • You are allowed to change your brand name but will be subjected to approval. There will be no fee charged for the first change request. Subsequent requests are chargeable at SGD 150 (before taxes) per request regardless of whether the change is successful or not.


    • SMS credits and fees are payable to CloudSpace. They are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.


    • All prices are subject to changes without prior notice, and fees may not immediately reflect such changes.


    • By subscribing to our service, you agree to comply with our terms of service available here, as well as the guidelines and all conditions implemented by mobile/ network operators, local regulators, and our service providers.


    • CloudSpace reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without any prior notice.


  • Kindly email us at sales@cloudspace.sg for further enquiries.

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