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Top-level and popular domain in Singapore

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Top-level and popular domain in Singapore

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Top-level and popular domain in Singapore

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Top-level and popular domain in Singapore

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How To Transfer Your Domain to cloudspace

Step 1:

Check your domain's eligibility

Ensure that your domain is eligible for transfer and that it has been registered for at least 60 days.

Step 2:

Obtain the transfer authorization code

Request the transfer authorization code from your current registrar, which is needed to initiate the transfer process.

Step 3:

Initiate the transfer request

Submit the transfer request through your Cloudspace account or by contacting our support team.

Step 4:

Verify and complete the transfer

Verify the transfer request and complete the transfer process by following the instructions provided by Cloudspace.

Checklist Before
Transfer Your Domain

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Learn More About Domains

Discover everything you need to know about domains. Our zero-to-one guide covers the basics of domain names and best practices for registering the perfect domain name for your website.

Transfer a Domain

What is a Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer is the practice of switching a domain from one registrar to another; transfer of domain ownership is a change in the entity that owns the domain.

Expired Domains

What Happens When Your Domain Expires?

When a domain expires, its owner doesn’t renew it. It enters a grace period for renewal and then a redemption period. The domain will eventually be erased if no restoration efforts are made by the owner.

Expired Domains

Is it Worth Buying Expired Domains?

A website name is considered to be an “expired domain” if the owner did not pay the renewal fee on time.


We’ve provided domain name registration service for more than 15 years, we believe that we able to help you manage all of your domain names. Our team will provide 24/7 technical support for the solution and guideline if you facing any issues when transfer your domain to us.
No, as long as the domain has been registered at least 60 days and you have full access to control your domain with current registrar. You may refer to the domain transfer checklist above.
You may enter the domain name that you want to transfer at the top of this page and you’ll be guided through the whole process. Make sure that you have the authorization code, unlocked state and your contact info is the latest one with your current registrar. Check out our helpful guide on transfer the domain here.
Domain name will be locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. In some cases, domain providers will give you full access to transfer the domains but some of the providers are not, they will need you to contact them for verify the domain ownership before transfer the domain.
A domain transfer usually takes around 1-7 days to complete the transfer process. It depends on the domain owner able to unlock the domain with the correct authorization code provided by current registrar.
No, you not able to change it during the transfer process. You can change WHOIS information and update your nameservers easily after the transfer is complete.

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