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We will update this page when new versions or new features have been released.

Version 1.2.4 Updated on 01/05/2023

  • Fixed various minor bugs
  • Added an update checker function which will notify users if theres an update to the module.

Version 1.2.3 Updated on 27/04/2023

  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added new Notification for Admin Support Tickets opened by client
  • Added Client Notification for Tickets opened by Admin
  • Added Notification where any support tickets opened, Admin receives a copy
  • Fixed a bug where support tickets by client was mapped to the wrong template
  • Added Information symbols and text messages to let users know about each notification and whats the trigger about
  • Added Delete and Export buttons for logs and debug for users to send to our dev team if they have an issue.
  • Fixed a bug where Ticket Status Change dosent trigger when a Ticket is closed.
  • Changed the text for 2FA message during activation

Version 1.2.2 Updated On 25/04/2023

  • Fixed a bug where Admin New Order Template not showing Service ID/Order ID/Domain & Package name
  • Fixed a bug where Admin New Domain Registration template not showing OrderID & ServiceID
  • Fixed a bug where Admin New Support Ticket Template not showing TicketID, Ticket Priority and Ticket Status
  • Fixed a bug where TicketID is reading DB’s Ticket ID instead of actual Ticket ID from subject
  • Added new variables like “IP” “Hostname” “Domain Reg Period” “Currency” “Currency Symbol”
  • Added Admin Marketing Template for Admins to send messages to ADMINS only.
  • REMOVED phone number field on Settings page
  • ADDED phone number field to ADMINS SETTINGS page.

Version 1.2.1 Updated On 24/04/2023

  • Added Radio Selectors for marketing tab where admins can select Marketing templates to be sent to either Clients or Admins only.
  • Added Admins tab for administrators to input their phone number as WHMCS dosent support contact numbers for administrators.
  • Added more whatsapp notification preferences under client area and admin area.
  • Fixed bugs where some notifications were failing to send.
  • Fixed bugs where updating template variables caused other variables to auto change within the same template.

Version 1.2.0 Updated On 21/04/2023

  • Added a NEW Marketing feature. This feature can be useful for users who are trying to promote a product or even send wishes to customers in their system. This feature will send WhatsAPP Messages to EVERY USER in the system. A Message template is required in order to send this message.
  • Added a NEW test feature for testing purposes. You can create a message template with all the variables just for testing the whatsapp script to see if it reads the variables correctly. This will help you and the dev team during bug reporting as well.
  • Added many new variables.

Version 1.1.1 Updated On 10/03/2023

  • Added a NEW debug feature for WhatsApp Messages. This will allow users to check for failed messages and the reasons why it failed in order to rectify it. The debug feature will show up to 15 last sent messages only as to reduce server load.
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