How to download, install and activate WhatsApp Notification for WHMCS

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This article describes how to install WhatsApp Notification for WHMCS module. Installing this module is very easy and should not take more than a minute. We assume you already have a working WHMCS system with admin privileges.

Tip 1: This guide is written for users without much WHMCS experience, so if you’re familiar with WHMCS, feel free to skip the obvious parts.

1. Purchase

First of all, you will need a valid purchase of the WhatsApp Notification Module for your WHMCS. If you have not purchased the module, please do so by clicking on the following link.

2. Download

  • Login to your Client Area on CloudSpace
  • Click on Services -> My Services
  • Click on Intelligent WhatsApp Notification under Products/Services
  • Take a note of your License Key
  • Click Downloads
  • Click on WhatsApp Notification for WHMCS
  • An automatic download should then start.
Download WhatsApp Notification for WHMCS Module

3. Uploading the relevant files

  • You will need to connect to your FTP Server for your WHMCS, if you dont have a FTP Program, you can download and install FileZilla
  • Extract the zip file to your computer
  • After connecting to your WHMCS FTP, navigate to your whmcs system
  • upload the folder cloudspace_whatsapp to {whmcsfolder}/modules/addon
  • upload the folder whatsapp_2fa to {whmcsfolder}/modules/security
  • Thats it! You have successfully uploaded the modules!

4. Activation

After you have successfully uploaded the plugin to the relevant folder, login to your WHMCS Admin account.

  • Login to WHMCS Admin account
  • Navigate to General Settings by clicking on the wrench icon
  • Search and click ADDON Modules
  • In here, you will find WhatsApp Messages
  • Click Activate and then Configure
  • Provide full access to the relevant users , eg Full Administrator
Configure full access

5. Input License Key

  • After providing full access, navigate to Addons
  • Click WhatsApp Messages
  • Click Settings
  • Paste your License information under License Key option
Plugin installation progress


For the rest of the setup, please view the appropriate articles.

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