Move Computer Repair Out of the Shop and Into the Cloud

Run remote hardware diagnostics and manage test reports with the same world class tools used by factories and OEMs.

Who benefits from Service Center Remote?


Computer Technicians

Independent technicians will appreciate the freedom afforded by remote diagnostics. Expand your business by moving into the cloud with Service Center Remote!

Computer Repair Shops

Don't let physical location limit your customer reach. Service Center Remote takes diagnostics out of the shop and into the cloud, greatly expanding your service area.

Tech Support Centers

Support centers now have access to the most accurate and powerful remote diagnostics available. Team accounts make it easy to manage customers and technicians from a single secure place.

IT Departments

As an IT professional tasked with supporting hundreds of systems across your organization, Service Center Remote allows you to perform diagnostics without leaving your desk.

Remote Diagnostics

Technicians have appreciated the benefits of PC-Doctor Service Center kits for years, providing industry standard hardware diagnostics, the most extensive system information available, along with professionally branded reports. Service Center Remote takes things one step further, offering cloud-based remote diagnostics that are reliable, secure and easy to use. Expand your service area by moving out of the shop and into the cloud!
  • Centralize your expertise and run efficient repair operations
  • Identify issues quickly and accurately with hundreds of diagnostic tests
  • Manage all of your customers and technicians from a single place using team accounts
  • Run professional branded reports for your customers
  • Choose the plan that best meets your current business needs and expand as your business grows
Physical Service Center kit not required, and we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

"As an IT consulting firm, we reduced our return rate from 70% to 3% within six months of adopting the PC-Doctor Service Center hardware diagnostics."

- Arthur Van Ness

Cloud Storage and Reporting

Whether you use Service Center or Service Center Remote for your testing, the Service Center Remote Console allows you to store and manage customer testing and reporting in a single place. Easily share testing among team members to provide your customers with timely and seamless support.
  • Manage all customer testing from a single location
  • Create professional, branded reports from the cloud
  • View and share customer device history and test results across your team
  • Store reports from your standard Service Center kits as well as Service Center Remote
Cloud reporting is free for all owners of Service Center 11 and greater.

How it Works

Service Center Remote is reliable, secure and easy to use. Test a customer’s system from anywhere in the world in 4 easy steps!

Start a New Session

Provide Unique Link to Customer

Customer Downloads & Runs Client

Start a New Session


Why PC-Doctor?

PC-Doctor’s system health solutions support PC and Android devices that are used by OEMs, support centers, factories, repair facilities, technicians, and individuals. These robust solutions are comprised of patent-driven hardware diagnostics, Direct System Information™, intelligent messaging, pro-active system monitoring, and high end reporting options throughout the full system lifecycle.

"If you're serious about hitting deadlines, serious about building business volume, you have to have PC-Doctor as a front line tool." - Ray Reinders, Link Computing Solutions

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  • Reduce NTF rates
  • More than 300 current diagnostics
  • Professional branded reports
  • Industry standard diagnostics and system information
  • Increase in first-time-fix rates
  • 5-star rated reviews
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10 compatible
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